Mini steppers exercise machine


*Compact & convenient:* It only takes up a small space, you can place it anywhere in the house, and you can move easily at any time. The stepper is the perfect fitness equipment that can shape your arms, hips, waist, legs and help shape your perfect body.

Stable & non-slip:* The base frame is of high quality and durable, which makes the stepper stable and long service life. The rubber protective cover can reduce the damage to the floor and prevent the stepper from slipping during use.

Perfect performance:* With high-quality hydraulic cylinders and springs with better cushioning effects make the stepper more stable and safer to use, and provide you with a better exercise experience. The adjustable hydraulic resistance allows you to complete the exercise according to your actual situation, which is more humane. Give a pull rope to get your arm exercised.

Comfortable foot pedal:* The foot pedal is made of ABS material, the surface is embossed, non-slip and very suitable for massaging the feet during barefoot exercise.

Considerate Accessories* : Equipped with an adjustment knob, you can adjust the height of the pedal according to your needs. It also includes two resistance bands that can be used to stretch your arms.



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