4 Comprehensive multi-station gym Equipment




Most Advanced Comprehensive 4 Station Multi home gym station ksh 150,000

✔️ Best machine for overall body workouts, weight loss, keeping healthy and body building

▶️Improve your overall appearance, strength, and athletic performance with the three station home gym. With over 20 total body strength, shape, and conditioning exercises included, you can custom build training workouts to target specific muscle areas.

✔️A designated high/low “functional training” station great for users of all levels

Sleek, compact, three-station design

Ultra-smooth 2000lbs resistance for an overall workout

✔️ Exercise wall chart to guide you through your workout

Machine weight: 220kg

✔️ Assembly Size :1800*2100*2260mm



✔️ Lat pulldown

50*1.5mm heavy-duty construction tube

Adjustable preacher curl bicep pad

✔️ High and low pulley stations

✔️ Boxing station function

✔️ 75kg selectorized weight stack


▶️Function: ✔️Squats ✔️Deadlifts✔️Single arm rows ✔️Double arm rows ✔️Triceps Extension ,✔️Abdominal Crunch ,✔️Leg Extension,  ✔️Chin Up,✔️ High Pull AB Crunch, Triceps Push-Down, ✔️Lat Pull Down Sit-up ,✔️Bicep Curl, Pectoral Fly, ✔️Seated Press Bar Row,✔️ Preacher Curl , ✔️Bench Press, Leg Kick Back, ✔️ Seated Shoulder Press , ✔️Dip Arm, ✔️Upright Row, ✔️Standing Leg Curl, ✔️Standing Shoulder  Knee Raise


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