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Brute force 360ptx functional trainer

KSh 450,000.00
Product Features Thick steel barbell hooks with quick and easy height adjustment Chrome/stainless steel used for most contact points (more scratches-resistant) Adjustable/Removable Dip Handles Thick steel barbell safety hooks with quick and easy height adjustment Heavy duty cables and pulley Extreme core trainer accessory Multi-grip chin up bar with comfortable knurling Quick and easy pop pin functional adjustment Thick steel support plates Weight plate storage Storage holder Olympic barbell Smith Machine Straight up and down movement Ultra smooth smith machine movement and solid steel tubing Smith Bearing Type: Linear Adjustable safety catches for Smith Machine exercises The Ultimate ALL-IN-ONE Machine: Smith Machine Squat Rack Functional Trainer Landmine Dip Bars Pull Up Bar Lat Pulldown Jammer Arm Leg Press Bench (Optional) Preacher Curl (Optional on Bench Attachment) Leg Extension / Leg Curl (Optional on Bench Attachmen