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New Hoffman Chopper

KSh 4,700.00
The new Hoffman Chopper is a game-changer in the kitchen. With its powerful 450-watt motor and a spacious 2-liter capacity, it effortlessly handles all your food preparation needs. From chopping vegetables to blending ingredients, this versatile chopper makes your cooking tasks a breeze.


KSh 3,500.00
Our Vegetable Chopper is a must-have kitchen gadget that makes food preparation a breeze. With its 1.2-liter capacity, dishwasher-safe design, and easy-to-clean features, it's perfect for any busy household. The chopper comes with interchangeable stainless steel blades, allowing you to slice, cut, chop, and grate vegetables effortlessly. Crafted from BPA-free, non-toxic materials, it ensures safety and durability. Purchase this versatile tool now at an affordable price of KSH. 3500/=.